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Data Specialist

Tööampsu pakkujast

Your main task is to:

* Assess whether the available data in the system is presented correctly.
* Define the relationships between different data and data groups.

You will do well if you are:

* described as a very precise and conscientious person by former colleagues.
* a person who gets excited when there is a need to correct numbers/texts and find all errors in the table.
* skilled computer user.
* fluent English speaker, you can easily understand the meaning of words based on the context.
* equipped with computer and a quiet place to work.
* interested in flexible work time and remote work.

You can work 24/7 from anywhere (WFA) at any time or if you prefer to come to our office, then this is possible in Tallinn from Monday to Friday during 9 am - 5 pm.

You will be provided with:

- initial training in Tallinn office
- help and support by an experienced mentor (on-line)
- web-based user-friendly tool to work with