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“The best thing about my job is the feeling that my contribution has an important effect on the company's development and success.”
                                                                             Robot Operator

At Starship, we are redefining how goods reach the places in which we live. We see a future where a new generation of convenience services becomes available to everyone – made possible by our awesome autonomous neighborhood robots. We have brought together some incredible talent and have entered commercial pilots with hundreds of robots driving along sidewalks across the United States and four countries in Europe. We believe that soon there will be thousands of our robots around the world.

We’re striving to be 99% autonomous, which means we outsource the difficult decisions to our human operators who are able to solve various social and traffic situations. We’re seeking operators to work in our control center located in Tallinn to oversee and guide the friendly sidewalk robots designed to deliver parcels, groceries and food.


Did we catch your attention? Here's an overview of the daily job tasks:

Oversee the robots during their autonomous operations

Operate the robot in a safe and sensible manner in certain traffic situations

Communicate with the robot in real-time

Log and report any issues to relevant teams

Manage test issues as they occur

Map out navigation paths

We are looking for someone who is:

Excited to do something totally new and inspirational

Has good reaction and motor skills, able to process large amounts of visual information

Reliable, diligent with sharp attention to detail and calm under pressure

Able and willing to stay alert and responsive in front of a screen for several hours at a time

Able to spot issues, resolve situations from a distance and suggest improvements to existing tools and processes

Fluent with computer basics but technical IT skills are not necessary to be successful

Good spoken and written communication in English

Comfortable working in a team environment


Job specifics:

Outside traditional working hours in shifts

Flexible working hours in shifts (Days, Nights, Weekends)

Location: Tallinn, Estonia